Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome and beginning

On my other blog, patterning the world , the posts are about everyday life in words and pictures.

This blog is more about words and writing, fiction, books, stories, articles, links: a narrower focus.

I am a reader and writer, creator and consumer of text in print, the spoken word and on screen, engaged by words and language, intrigued by imagination and its journeys.  The keyboard and the pen are the tools I use to explore and to write, thus the title of this blog.

I hope this blog will be useful to you and to me.  There are so many resources about books, words and writing on the net.

And I may include excerpts from my own fiction as well.  Be kind.  Honest and kind (what's that Larkin phrase?  Not untrue and not unkind?).  Yes.  That.

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